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Navigating the Off-Road: Unraveling the Benefits of Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

In the adrenaline-fueled world of off-road adventures, the last thing enthusiasts want to worry about is unexpected mishaps and accidents. That's where off-road vehicle insurance comes into play, providing the peace of mind and financial protection necessary to fully enjoy the thrill of the ride. At Love & Persson Group, we are excited to announce our new comprehensive ORV Insurance Policy. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Replacement Cost Endorsement for Brand New Snowmobiles and ATV’s: Picture this – you just invested in a brand-new snowmobile or ATV. With the Replacement Cost Endorsement, in the unfortunate event of a total loss, your insurance will cover the cost of a replacement, ensuring you're back on the trail without skipping a beat.
  2. Discounts for Seasoned Riders: Age and experience have their perks. Riders who are 50 years of age or over can enjoy a generous 15% discount on their off-road vehicle insurance, making the thrill of the adventure even more rewarding with age.
  3. Safe Rider Discounts and Courses: Safety is paramount, and this insurance policy rewards safe riders. Snowmobile enthusiasts, who remain claim-free and traffic conviction-free, can enjoy a 10% safe rider discount with purchase of a Snopass. Additionally, a 5% discount is available for those who complete a snowmobile safety course (discount applied when snowmobile safety course card is presented – available through
  4. No Inspection Required: Spare yourself the hassle of inspections. Off-road vehicle insurance understands the unique nature of these vehicles and skips the inspection process, making it easier for enthusiasts to get the coverage they need without unnecessary red tape.
  5. Flexible Deductibles: Tailor your insurance to fit your budget and needs with a choice of deductibles – $1,000, $750, or $500. This flexibility ensures that you can find a plan that suits your financial preferences.
  6. Comprehensive Coverage: Off-road adventures can sometimes lead to unexpected challenges like breaking through ice or sinking in muskeg. Fear not – your off-road vehicle insurance has you covered for these situations, providing the necessary financial support to recover from these unexpected mishaps.
  7. Salvage Recovery and Accessories: In the unfortunate event of an accident, your insurance includes up to $2,000 for salvage recovery costs, helping you retrieve your vehicle. Moreover, you can breathe easy knowing that up to $2,000 is allocated for accessories, ensuring your customized off-road vehicle is restored to its former glory.

Embark on your off-road journey with confidence, knowing that the right insurance coverage has your back. Whether you're tearing through snow-covered trails or conquering challenging terrains, off-road vehicle insurance is your key to worry-free adventure. Contact our office today at 204-622-7600 or book a meeting using the button on our website to learn more and get your favourite toys properly insured!

Jordan Shuttleworth, CAIB 
Love & Persson Group - Insurance Broker