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Don’t Wait Too Long to Convert Your Term Insurance

Date : Sep 22, 2015 Author : Rob McDill Tag : Term Insurance

If you require permanent life insurance coverage for family, estate planning, business, or tax planning purposes or you just wish to accumulate money in your life insurance program it may be time to look at a permanent, level cost solution.

Many of us purchase large amounts of low cost term insurance to cover our needs while we are raising our families or growing our businesses.  However, as the saying goes, “there is no free lunch”.  Eventual...


Is it Time for your Insurance Audit?

Has it been awhile since you last looked at your insurance portfolio?

Are you a little vague in your recollection of all the coverage you have and why you have it?

Are you uncertain as to whether or not your portfolio reflects your current situation?

Just like going to the dentist for regular checkups is a necessary evil, reviewing your financial plan and products on a regular basis is also recommended.  Circumstances can change over time and m...


Who Gets the Cottage?

The beautiful family cottage. Your most precious memories can be made at your family cottage. That’s why it’s important that your cottage, and all that it represents, stays within your family for generations to come.

In the eyes of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA), your cottage is considered a Capital Asset. As such, upon your death they automatically assume that it has been transferred to your spouse. If you have no spouse, you are deemed t...