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How your Life Insurance can Help your Favourite Charity

The gifting of life insurance to registered charities has always been a popular method for individuals to fulfill their philanthropic goals, and worth considering when it comes to a charity that is near and dear to your heart.

There are basically two options when donating life insurance to a charity: donate a policy while one is alive or make the registered charity a beneficiary of the policy. The option selected will depend on many factors.

If you make ...


Pay Attention to Your Beneficiary Designation

It’s more important than you think

Naming a beneficiary is a valuable feature of life insurance and segregated funds policies so it is important to carefully choose your beneficiaries.


Estate – the default choice

Many people choose to name their “estate” as their beneficiary. Although this is an easy short-term solution, it is important to review the risks of doing this. If you are st...