Lynn Etsell

  • Lynn Etsell
  • LYNN ETSELL started in the insurance industry in 1983, she worked at a couple of different insurance brokers in Winnipeg over a span of 14 years. In that time, she obtained her general insurance licence, took a variety of insurance courses and worked in a various areas of insurance but mostly commercial. After taking some time away from work to stay at home with her two children, she returned to insurance in 2001, working specifically with Autopac. She once again obtained her general insurance licence by completing Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker Level 1. In 2004, she moved to Dauphin, after working briefly for another agency in Dauphin, she joined the staff of Love & Persson Group in 2005. Since that time, she has completed Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker Level 2 & 3 and obtained her Level 2 general insurance licence