The early history of the long standing Dauphin institution can be traced back to 1956 when the late Ernest L. Love started his one man agency. Love Insurance Agency joined with Persson Insurance Agency in 1965 and the partnership of Larry Love & Don Persson grew from there to its present status.

Over the years, as the business grew, partners were added to the firm.

In the early 1980's, Cam Persson & Leith Love joined the business as partners. In 1985 with the retirement of Don Persson, Ron Love joined as a partner.

In 1993, Larry Love retired from the business and Dennis Stykalo joined the firm as a partner. Dennis had previously worked with MPI for over 20 years and retired on August 31st, 2008.

The next change to the partnership occurred in 1999, with the retirement of Leith Love. The remaining partners examined their options and after discussions with Lisa Andriechuk, owner of Andriechuk Insurance Agency, (formerly Toderash Agencies, originating in 1966), they decided to merge their agencies together. On September 1st, 1999, the partnership of Love Persson Andriechuk & Stykalo Agencies was founded, with partners, Ron Love, Cam Persson, Dennis Stykalo & Lisa Andriechuk.

On September 1st, 2001, Rob McDill CFP accepted the firm's offer to become a full partner in the agency. Rob's strong financial services & life insurance background made him the perfect fit into the partnership.

September 1st, 2004 saw Lisa Andriechuk retiring from the firm & moving to Winnipeg. The remaining partners approached Lorie Yerama, CIP, a 9 year employee with the agency to purchase the partnership interest that Lisa had.

At the same time, the partners determined it best to go back to their roots with their business name. As of January 1st, 2005, Love & Persson Group was formed & will be part of the business community of Dauphin for years to come.

As mentioned, on August 31st, 2008, Dennis Stykalo retired from the firm after over 15 years with LPG. The firm approached Brendan Gardner who purchased ½ of Dennis's partnership interest and became Junior Partner of Love & Persson Group.

On August 31, 2010 Cam Persson retired after over 30 years of service to Dauphin and surrounding areas.

On January 2, 2015, LPG purchased Grandview Insurance to expand service to the area. 2015 also saw the addition of Jon Yerama who purchased a Junior Partnership stake in the firm.

On September 1, 2016, Melissa MacQuarrie (Barsewsky) purchased a Junior Partnership interest in the firm. September 1st, 2017 saw Luke Love & Ian Brezden purchase Junior Partnership interest in the firm. We are now in the 4th generation of the Love family and 2nd generations in the Persson & Yerama families with Ron & Lorie's sons, Luke & Jon active partners in the firm.

The most recent change came September 1, 2018 in which Rob McDill retired after 17 years with the firm and relocating in Yorkton.

Now 7 partners strong, with Ron Love, Lorie Yerama, Brendan Gardner, Jon Yerama, Melissa MacQuarrie (Barsewsky), Luke Love & Ian Brezden and a business presence in the community since 1956, Love & Persson Group remains committed to “Protecting Your Assets & Helping you Succeed in our Community".